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Windcat Workboats and CrewVessel.com in long-term contract

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Windcat Workboats has signed a long-term contract with CrewVessel.com, for the supply of a business process and information management system to the Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) operator.

Windcat Workboats owns and operates a fleet of over 40 offshore CTVs, deployed mainly on European offshore wind projects.

Administrative tasks result in each vessel producing over 450 documents per year, including daily reports for recording client activities, timesheets as well as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) forms and technical maintenance overviews. Handling all these separate documents is very time consuming and makes room for human error, therefore the custom-designed solution will boost efficiency for Windcat Workboats’ vessel crew and shore staff, according to CrewVessel.com.

“The complete Windcat Workboats fleet will be equipped with iPads and a special CrewVessel.com application designed to optimise the administrative tasks on-board,”
said Willem van der Wel, in charge of vessel and business development at Windcat Workboats.

The solution comprises cloud-based management portal with tailor-made functionality to manage data regarding contracts, clients, projects, scheduling, crew, vessels, technical maintenance and HSE, Van der Wel explained.

Kristian Kossen, Director at CrewVessel.com, said: “Various dashboards with KPI’s now allow Windcat Workboats to identify abnormalities and trends which can action preventive maintenance to ultimately minimize downtime and increase even more efficiency for their clients. In addition, to create transparency, the clients will in the near future also receive access to the solution with their own KPI dashboards whereby the client can monitor their vessels performances, extract various reports and manage actionable information.”

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